Robert Mugabe- In his words and deeds


  • Unknown publisher
  • Johannesburg
  • 2017
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 24 pages


Robert Mugabe was at the helm of his Party ZANU PF for 42 years and ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years. His word was law and would override and law in the lad. He had a cult following under his political religion Mugabeism. His oppressive rule was characterized closure of democratic space, disappearance of opposition activists, torture and ruthless killing of people who opposed him both from his party and outside. In the high now of his dictatorial regime, he fired two of his Vice Presidents accusing them of witchcraft amongst other charges. The following pages which embody direct quotes from his own mouth will take you through the journey in the life of Robert Mugabe The Man.


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Unknown author.