Robert Mugabe's Lost Jewel of Africa

Andrew Norman


  • Unknown publisher
  • Unknown city
  • 2018
  • English



This is the story of Southern Rhodesia, from a time of its earliest known inhabitants, the Bushmen, to their displacement by the Bantu; the invasion by the Matabele under King Mzilikaze; the advent of the white missionaries; and the arrival of Cecil Rhodes and his Pioneer Column of early settlers, up to the time of independence in 1980. This is the romantic land of the high veld; of teeming game; of the great river Zambezi and the mighty Victoria Falls, and of enormous mineral wealth. This was the country that Robert Mugabe-its future leader-referred to as `the jewel of Africa'.


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Having lived in the former Southern Rhodesia, Andrew Norman has had first-hand insight into the circumstances that have led to Zimbabwe’s present plight. Norman now lives in Dorset, England.