Roots Rocking in Zimbabwe

Fred Zindi


The book is out of print.


The emergence of Zimbabwean music as we know it today through the works of such prominent artists as Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mutukudzi has a troubled and precarious history. This is due mainly to the unequal competition for an audience which was, and continues to be, simultaneously exposed to more well-established musical styles from outside — from South Africa, Zaire and the
West in particular. This book is told in a personal and immediate voice.


[Zindi's] enormous amount of knowledge of the shady goings-on in this industry is bound to disarm readers, ... which implies his intimate knowledge of the profession, the personalties and the industry that he is writing about. - Alec Pongweni,


Fred Zindi is a professor of education and director of the Human Resources Research Centre (HRRC) at the University of Zimbabwe.