Scrapiron Blues

Dambudzo Marechera


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


This is a stunning collection of Marechera's last writings, evoking city life with its many disparate facets - from the glittering fashion shops in First Street Mall to the tramps in the alleys, and in Marechera's only known piece in Shona, "The Servants' Ball." What at first sight seems peaceful and harmless, is suddenly disrupted by flashes of madness for, in Marechera's universe, everyday life is always haunted by the nightmares of Zimbabwe's past.


Dambudzo Marechera was and is an important voice in African literature. Although he died young and his output was regrettably small, the difference in his voice, in his concerns and in his attitude added something special and enduring to the body of African literature. - Dennis Brutus


Dambudzo Marechera was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. His short career produced a book of stories, two novels, a book of plays, prose, and poetry, and a collection of poetry. He died in 1987.