Seretse & Ruth

The Love Story

Wilf & Trish Mbanga



In 1966 the Republic of Botswana came into existence, and this is the tale of how one family played a central role in the country's development. This biography focuses on the Khama family, and in particular, Seretse Khama: a statesman, chief, husband, and father. Dwelling on the last two aspects of this important figure, this account demonstrates how, in the face of great difficulties and opposition, Sereste and Ruth—a black man and a white woman—were united in a fruitful marriage that showed the world how people from different traditions might live happily. In many respects, their personal story, so movingly recounted here, mirrors the beliefs of the country itself, for Botswana has always stressed the importance of social harmony.


One of the greatest love stories of our time. — Alexander McCall Smith


Wilf and Trish Mbanga are writers, journalists, and publishers. For many years, they have worked to promote The Zimbabwean newspaper.