Shadows of a Forgotten Past

To the Edge with the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts

Paul French



This all-new work chronicles the experiences of Paul French who, upon leaving the British Army's 21 SAS (V), sought adventure and excitement in C Squadron of the Rhodesian SAS. Upon passing the arduous Rhodesian SAS selection course, Paul was thrown into the maelstrom that was the Rhodesian Bush War. Here he participated in the SAS's infamous raid on Joshua Nkomo and numerous other operations against insurgent / liberation forces. Passing selection for Ron Reid-Daly's elite counterinsurgency specialists, the Selous Scouts, the author took part in 'externals' against FRELIMO and ' attachments' with the Mozambique National Resistance.


Shadows of a Forgotten Past is a thrilling, rollercoaster ride; it goes right to the heart of Special Forces soldiering. - Peter McAleese


Paul French was born in West London and volunteered to fight in the Rhodesian bush war.