Shona Proverbs

Palm Oil With Which African Words Are Eaten

Advice Viriri & Ngwabi Bhebe



Highlighting both the range of philosophical issues that Shona proverbs raise and the shared concerns emanating from them, this book is the outcome of 40 years work by Taperesa Mutematemi Samaita, a teacher at Mnene Boys Central Primary School in Mberengwa District from 1946 to 1949. Shona proverbs teaching formed part of his Shona lessons and he encouraged his pupils to collect as many Shona proverbs as possible. When collected, these were first analytically dealt with orally, then followed by written exercises. From its beginning at Mnene Boys Central Primary School the project continued until 1986. The proverbs contained in this book were gathered from across Zimbabwe covering Midlands, Masvingo, Manicaland and Mashonal and West Provinces.


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Advice Viriri is a dean at the Midlands State University.

Ngwabi Bhebe was the founding vice chancellor at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.