Simon Vengayi Muzenda

& the Struggle For, And Liberation of Zimbabwe

Ngwabi Bhebe


This book is out of print.


The central problematic of the book is precisely to account for how and why Simon Muzenda achieved the vice preesidency of Zimbabwe. There is very little about the politics of post-independence Zimbabwe or about the way in which Muzenda played his vice presidential role. There is more about Muzenda's early political days on the Bulawayo Townships Advisory Board than about post-1980 politics.


What's important about this book has little to do with Muzenda, but what Gumbo says about Gumbo and what Mnangagwa says about Mnangagwa. Still, insiders will find more than a few gems here, which, true or false, will make one think somewhat differently about the liberation struggle ... - Luise White, The International Journal of African Historical Studies


Ngwabi Bhebe was the founding vice chancellor at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.