So Far and No Further!

Rhodesia's Bid for Independence during the Retreat from Empire 1959-1965

J R T Wood


  • Unknown publisher
  • Unknown city
  • 2006
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 540 pages

The book is available in North America, not in Zimbabwe.


Ian Smith's unilateral declaration of independence for Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) on 11 November 1965 was seen by many as the act of a rebellious white minority seeking to preserve their privileged position in defiance of Britain's determination to shed her Empire and introduce rule by the African majority as soon as possible. However, the drama of UDI has long overshadowed and oversimplified the complexities of the preceding years. In this account of that time, based on sole access to the hitherto closed papers of Ian Douglas Smith and Sir Roy Welensky, as well as extensive research at London's Public Record Office, and in government and private collections elsewhere, Dr J.R.T. Wood chronicles the collision course on which Britain and Rhodesia were set after 1959.


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Dr J R T Wood is a Commonwealth Scholar, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and graduate of Rhodes and Edinburgh universities. He is one of the world's leading historians on Rhodesian and Zimbabwean political and military history.