Society in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

Ngwabi Bhebe & Terence O. Ranger



This work examines people's beliefs, ideas and experiences both during Zimbabwe's liberation war and afterwards. The contributors look at African religion and Christianity and explore the efforts to educate people for a new society. They also look at the ideas used by whites to justify brutality and at the civilian experiences at the hands of the guerillas and the Fifth Brigade. Finally, they ask whether the new ideas were carried on after the war had ended.


... the complex responses of various social forces to the liberation war... - Journal of Southern African Studies


Ngwabi Bhebe was the founding vice chancellor at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.

Terence O. Ranger was a prominent African historian, focusing on the history of Zimbabwe. His work spanned the pre- and post-Independence period in Zimbabwe, from the 1960s to the present. He died in 2015.