Songs to an African Sunset

A Zimbabwean Story

Sekai Nzenza-Shand


The book is out of print.


They say love is blind, but Sekai Nzenza-Shand's devotion to her homeland of Zimbabwe is perceptive and penetrating. After spending years in Australia, she returns to her family's village and finds a world where polygamy and witchcraft still rule daily life, where drought and AIDS drain the land and people, and where old traditions live long. She records the daily buckets of water and bundles of firewood, grinding groundnuts into peanut-butter paste, and her mother's bopoto, where a woman makes "a lot of angry noise" in order to have a grievance heard. Writing with insight and affection about old ways and new challenges, Nzenza-Shand weaves a beautiful portrait of her country, people, and village.


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Sekai Nzenza Shand is a Zimbabwean writer. She was born in Zimbabwe, where she trained as a nurse, before doing additional nursing studies in England and subsequently going to live in Australia.