Spirit Brides

Togara Muzanenhamo



Togara Muzanenhamo's first collection of poems evokes a number of worlds, familiar and unfamiliar. He takes us from his vivid, vanished childhood in Zimbabwe to Europe, where he lived for some years, making as he goes the stories and connections that coax a meaning out of time and change. These are less poems of memory than of creation. There exists a fractured world, partly hidden from the poet, in which dream makes a different kind of order. This unpredictable, parallel world provides an undertone, a treacherous reflection. Spirit Brides combines the real and the surreal, stone and steel on the one hand, and air on the other.


Much of the power of Muzanenhamo’s poetry lies in the precision and delicacy of its imagery, and his manipulation of time ­— all time being present but informed and deepened by the sense of before and after. - Irene Staunton, Poetry International


Togara Muzanenhamo was born to Zimbabwean parents in Lusaka, Zambia in 1975. He was brought up in Zimbabwe, and then went on to study in The Hague and Paris.