State Politics in Zimbabwe

Jeffrey Herbst


This book is out of print, but the publisher has made whole text available on Google Books.


Because of its wide coverage and acute analysis of issues, institutions, and interest groups, State Politics in Zimbabwe provides the best single source for understanding the politics of post-independence Zimbabwe. Jeffrey Herbst avoids the grand generalizations that characterize so much theorizing about African politics. Instead, and despite the tendency to depict African politics in a deinstitutionalized setting, he poses a series of questions of interest to political scientists and policy makers which focus on state institutions and yield testable propositions about state autonomy and allocation processes.


In this sophisticated and thoroughly researched book, Jeffrey Herbst uses detailed case studies of decision making in seven policy issue areas to examine the locus of decisions and the extent of state autonomy in post-independence Zimbabwe. - James R. Scarritt, The Journal of Developing Areas


Jeffrey Herbst is an American political scientist, the former 16th President of Colgate University, and currently President and CEO of the Newseum in Washington, D.C.