Stories of women

Gender and narrative in the postcolonial nation

Elleke Boehmer



Elleke Boehmer's work on the crucial intersections between independence, nationalism and gender has already proved canonical in the field. 'Stories of women' combines her keynote essays on the mother figure and the postcolonial nation, with incisive new work on male autobiography, 'daughter' writers, the colonial body, the trauma of the post-colony, and the nation in a transnational context.


A prolific theoretician, at ease with her self-image as a feminist working from her Western platform, Elleke Boehmer weaves together her concerns with postcolonial narrative and gender with the idea of the nation in a fastpaced, dense monograph. - Chantal Zabus, Postcolonial Text


Elleke Boehmer is Professor of World Literature in English at the University of Oxford, and a Professorial Governing Body Fellow at Wolfson College.