Tale of Tamari

Shimmer Chinodya



Tamari is fourteen. Her parents have died and she lives with her brother, Kuda, in their home where rooms have been let to lodgers. Her Uncle Banda supposedly keeps an eye on them, but is more concerned about how much money he can make from the tenants. Shimmer Chinodya is a wonderful story-teller. The characters in the book come vividly to life as Tamara grows up and has to contend with the school bullies, the onset of puberty, and much else besides.


The Tale of Tamari is not a sad or didactic story, but one which delights us with its freshness and its empathy, and gives us a richly varied slice of life in Zimbabwe in the early 2000s, as orphans make their way into a future.


Shimmer Chinodya is a prolific Zimbabwean writer who was born in 1957 in Gweru. Most of his novels have been prescribed set books in southern Africa.