Technology and Skills in Zimbabwe's Manufacturing

From Autarky to Competition

Simon Teitel



Small Sub-Saharan African countries are facing difficult times trying to accelerate their economic growth while at the same time attempting to liberalize their economies. For many, independence has brought political freedom without concomitant economic and social improvement for their indigenous populations. Zimbabwe fits this description and while it has made significant strides in educating its populations and distributing some agricultural land, it still lags in modernizing its manufacturing industries which survived for many years with little or no capital investment and restricted access to imports.


...the author does provide a useful descriptive snapshot of the very rudimentary technical conditions in a country more heavily industrialized than most African nations. - Howard Stein, Economic Development and Cultural Change


Simon Teitel is an international economic consultant having worked for the World Bank, United Nations and other organizations. He was previously Senior Research Advisor at the Inter-American Development Bank. He is the author of nine other books.