The Abduction & Trial of Jestina Mukoko

The Fight for Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Jestina Mukoko



The abduction and trial of Jestina Mukoko; the fight for human rights in Zimbabwe tells the story of Jestina Mukoko, former broadcast journalist, who parted ways with the Zimbabwean state broadcaster in 2000 after becoming concerned about the level of editorial interference. In 2002, while she was working for an independent radio station, she became a human rights activist. Mukoko poignantly describes how, at the crack of dawn, in her night clothes and in front of her teenaged son, she was bundled into an unmarked vehicle and abducted.


Mukoko’s recollections provide a gripping and chilling account of one of the most turbulent a nd repressive periods marred by a wave of massive human rights abuses and violations in Zimbabwe’s history. In doing so, the bookstands as a testament to the power of the human spirit and the will to survive.


Jestina Mukoko is a Zimbabwean human rights activist and the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project.