The African Beer Gardens of Bulawayo

Integrated Drinking in A Segregated Society

Harry F. Wolcott


The book is out of print.


Harry Wolcott's book is of vital importance to Africanists despite its apparent specialized subject matter. The book portrays African urban life in Rhodesia as well as the European administration of the black townships. The white government having taken control of various aspects of African urban life such as the brewing and distribution of native beer is then placed in the dilemma of being responsible for the problems which their decisions.


[Wolcott's] quick and lively style, his attention to detail, his excellent photographs make this book a fine example of scholarship and well worth buying. - Clive Kileff, ASA Review of Books


Harry F. Wolcott (Ph.D. Stanford) taught at the University of Oregon, serving on both the faculties of education and anthropology. He died at the age of 83 in 2012.