The Assassination of Herbert Chitepo

Texts & Politics in Zimbabwe

Luise White



On March 18, 1975, Herbert Chitepo, an African nationalist in exile and chairman of the war council that struggled to liberate Zimbabwe from white-ruled Rhodesia, was killed by a car bomb. Since then, there have been four confessions and at least as many accusations about who was responsible. In The Assassination of Herbert Chitepo, Luise White does not set out to resolve questions about who was accountable for this horrible murder. Instead, in a style that is as much murder mystery as it is history writing, she uncovers what is at stake.


This intriguing book reopens the unsolved murder of Herbert Chitepo, an early hero of the Zimbabwean nationalist struggle. - Gail M. Gerhart, Foreign Affairs


Professor Luise White teaches history at the University of Florida. She has done research in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and archival research in England, Italy, and Belgium.