The Bengu Years

Dave Wellings


  • BookPal
  • London
  • 2010
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages


The Bengu Years is a book of journeys: a physical journey across Africa,a journey of personal development and the roller-coaster journey of a young nation. After travelling from London to Zimbabwe, the narrator offered to train a local boxer. From this casual encounter, his involvement gradually led to international success and Zimbabwe's Golden Age of boxing.


... an eclectic tale of trans-African travels and deeds of derring-do, and, in its second part, the hair-raising adventures of promoting professional boxing in the then Rhodesia. It manages to relate to both subjects without there being any connection between the two. - Pete Moscardi, African Ring


Dave Wellings is a British boxing trainer and manager who worked with several Zimbabwean boxers.