The Bible, the Bullet, & The Ballot

Zimbabwe, The Impact of Christian Protest in Sociopolitical Transformation ca. 1900 - ca. 2000

Fabulous Moyo



This book provides a balanced account of the role of Christians, Christian organizations, and churches in sociopolitical transformation over the bedrock of colonial and nationalist politics in the past century in Zimbabwe. The work explores the broader social and political impact of prominent African Christian clergy who were sociopolitical activists such as Ndabaningi Sithole, Abel Muzorewa, and Canaan Banana. It also highlights the role of missionaries who contributed to the African struggle for independence such as Ralph Edward Dodge, Donal Lamont, and Garfield Todd.


This book offers a fresh perspective on the role of African Christians and their leadership in the struggle for independence in colonial Zimbabwe. - Dr. Erwin van der Meer, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands


Dr. Fabulous Moyo, a Zimbabwean, is teaching and research fellow in the Faculty of Theology at George Whitefield College, South Africa.