The Black Insider

Dambudzo Marechera


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


This was the first volume of Dambudzo marechera's work to appear since his death in 1987. The title piece, the major work in this collection, was written in London in 1978. It has been edited here by Marechera's biographer, Flora Veit-Wild, together with three short stories and two poems from the same period. Veit-Wild's introduction provides a vivid picture of the young Zimbabwean's life in Britain as a student and writer. 'The Black Insider' develops the preoccupations of his award-winning The House of Hunger by exploring, in his devastatingly honest way, the predicaments of exile and the black identity, and examining the realities of living under the threat of the Bomb.


A profound even if exaggeratedly self-aware writer, an instinctive nomad and Bohemian in temperament, Marechera was a writer in constant quest for his real self, quarrying towards a core that he once wryly expressed in the cry, 'My whole life has been an attempt to make myself a skeleton in my own cupboard. -Wole Soyinka


Dambudzo Marechera was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. His short career produced a book of stories, two novels, a book of plays, prose, and poetry, and a collection of poetry. He died in 1987.