The Bush War In Rhodesia

The Extraordinary Combat Memoir of a Rhodesian Reconnaissance Specialist

Dennis Croukamp



The Rhodesian Bush War. It was a ferocious guerrilla warfare campaign between the regular and elite units of the Rhodesian Army doing battle against Communist-backed terrorist groups in the valleys, jungles and bush country of Rhodesia, Mozambique and Zambia. Warrant Officer Dennis Croukamp fought in the conflict from its beginnings in the 1960s to the very end in 1979, and his combat memoir is an extraordinary chronicle of that bitter struggle from inside some of the most highly regarded elite combat units to ever take the field.


This searingly honest, action-packed memoir is sure to become a classic, ground-level account of the bloody "bush wars" of Africa.


Dennis Croukamp excelled in combat, earning Rhodesia's third highest award, the Bronze Cross, for gallantry under fire; becoming the first warrant officer in the history of the RLI to command a troop; and surviving an epic, six-day E&E from behind enemy lines.