The Chitepo Assassination

David Martin & Phyllis Johnson


The book is out of print.


The book is premised on the claim from David Martin and Phyllis Johnson that they stumbled on the assassin of Herbert Chitepo. It starts with a brief history of the late National Chairman of the Zimbabwe African National Union, his contribution in mapping out a successful strategy for mobilization and radicalization.


The book is fascinating reading, and convincing as fiction. More than four-fifths of it is repetition of the contents in The Struggle for Zimbabwe: the Chimurenga war by David Martin and Phyllis Johnson. - Masipula Sithole, The Journal of Modern African Studies


David Martin was a writer and photographer, and later in life, a publisher. He was a rigorous researcher and investigative journalist.

Phyllis Johnson is the SARDC founding director and former publisher at Zimbabwe Publishing House.