The Endless Journey

From a liberation struggle to driving emerging technologies in Africa

Jabulani Simbini Dhliwayo



The Endless Journey is a story of one man’s personal journey from a revolutionary to a renowned ICT professional. It is written with great honesty, incorporating pathos and humour intended to ease some of the heart-breaking and chilling accounts. It is an interesting perspective of a slice of African history that has seldom been recorded particularly in such a personal way. The book elaborates the author’s life as a poor black man in racial segregated Rhodesia and his subsequent journey from Rhodesia to join Robert Mugabe’s liberation movement in Mozambique.


While one can doubt whether his indeed is an endless journey, he writes beautifully and simply. - Tichaona Zindoga, The Herald


Jabulani Simbini Dhliwayo is a Zimbabwean born physicist. He attained his PhD at the University of Kent.