The Fading Sun

David Mungoshi



David Mungoshi’s latest novel, The Fading Sun is about both living and dying.A woman in menopause stops in her tracks to take stock of her life. From the
leeward side, Mary has more than her fair share of maladies. Mary’s skin is wrinkled. Mary suffers from bouts of migraine and arthritis. Mary has had each of her three deliveries by caesarean section. Mary has lost one of her ovaries early in life.


Very few novels from Zimbabwe will come close to it as regards exploring a miscellany of human emotions and experiences in one breath. Here is sadness, bottomless joy, puzzlement, memories, regrets, fear… the whirlpool goes on. - Memory Chirere, KwaChirere


David Mungoshi retired from the University of Zimbabwe where he taught linguistics for many years. He is a former teacher and actively involved in the Pan African writing networks.