The Hidden Dimensions of Operation Murambatsvina

Maurice T. Vambe



In his introduction to The Hidden Dimensions Maurice Vambe argues that the treatment of people as 'human dirt' demands the notion of citizenship in Zimbabwe be rethought. The volume goes on to consider the historical antecedents to the operation, its hidden and unspoken consequences, its representations in the media and the social responses that were made to it.


More work has to be done to enlighten us about this most scandalous and shameful episode in the history of the Mugabe government, its assault on the poor, destitute and homeless of our cities, and the women of Zimbabwe in particular. - Oskar Wermter SJ, Mukai/Vukani


Maurice T. Vambe is a Professor at the University of South Africa with a special interest in Diaspora and literary-historical study of representations of genocide in African literature.