The Honoured Crusade

Ralph Dodge’s Theology of Liberation and initiative for Social Change in Zimbabwe

Dickson A. Mungazi



Mungazi describes Southern African culture with the historian’s sweeping grasp of reality, the scholar’s attention to detail and the Christian’s commitment to the gospel of Christ and the teachings of his church. He emphasizes the central role Ralph E. Dodge played in the emergence of an African Church prepared to meet the needs of African people. Dodge’s profound commitment to sound, unsegregated education and to higher education for blacks, his rejection of racism in all its forms, his insistence upon the participation of black Africans in the political process, his view of the Church as a servant Church and his courageous willingness to confront the Ian Smith government led to his deportation from Rhodesia in 1964.


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Dickson A. Mungazi was a professor of history and education and taught at Colgate and Northern Arizona universities. He died in 2008.