The Kevin Woods Story

In the Shadow of Mugabe's Gallows

Kevin Woods



Kevin Woods was sentenced to death in Zimbabwe and jailed for twenty years by Robert Mugabe. For more than five years of his detention he was held in the shadow of Mugabe’s gallows, cut off from the world, naked and in solitary confinement. He had been a senior member of Mugabe’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organization, the CIO, and was jailed for committing politically motivated offences, on behalf of the white South African government, against the ANC in Zimbabwe. From Mugabe’s confidant to condemned prisoner he recounts his life on the edge, as a double agent.


...lets cut to the chase. This is a good read. Unlike most other books on post-1980 Zimbabwe this is a firsthand account of events from inside Mugabe`s murder machine. Once that ogre loses power and is held to account, reminisces like this one may help to secure his conviction. The people of Zimbabwe deserve no less. -Leon Engelbrecht, defenceweb


Kevin Woods is a former senior officer in Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organisation who was sentenced to death for being a spy.