The Last British Liberals in Africa

Michael Blundell and Garfield Todd

Dickson A. Mungazi


  • Praeger
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • 1999
  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages


A study of the clash of two traditions, British liberalism and African nationalism, and an examination of how Michael Blundell in Kenya and Garfield Todd in Zimbabwe used their liberal backgrounds to further the future of their adopted countries, despite threats and detention. Both Blundell and Todd believed that political leaders had a responsibility to serve the needs of the people as a condition of national development. By the time each came to power, European colonization had had a profoundly negative effect on the lives of Africans; Blundell and Todd sought to correct this by putting their positive views of Africans into practice.


The Last British Liberals in Africa, despite the title, devotes little space to the two main protagonists. The book seems to be a forum for Mungazi's personal
views, on education, rebellions in history, and the the importance of caring for others. - Christopher P. Youé, The International History Review


Dickson A. Mungazi was a professor of history and education and taught at Colgate and Northern Arizona universities. He died in 2008.