The Making of Zimbabwe

Decolonization in Regional and International Politics

Mordechai Tamarkin


The book is out of print.


Having gained power in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, the new prime minister, was asked by a Swedish television team why he had not instituted a truly socialist society. Mugabe replied that this would have been impossible since the liberation war had ended in a compromise, not in outright victory. Tamarkin's book explains in detail how this compromise came about.


More than any other of the numerous works that have appeared in recent Zimbabwean history, the author concentrates on the international aspect of the war. - Michael Carver, The International History Review


Mordechai (Mottie) Tamarkin is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Modern Middle Eastern and African History and a Senior Research Fellow Emeritus at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University.