The Non-Believer's Journey

Stanley Nyamfukudza


The book is out of print.


The novella The Non-Believer’s Journey is set during the Zimbabwe war for independence. The anti-hero Sam, a teacher, faces his ambivalence toward the conflict, ultimately leading to a dead end. Increasingly discontented with work, drink, and sexual adventure, he returns home for the funeral of his uncle, a victim of the war, and is forced toward a decision about his role in the national struggle. The ending, at once violent and inconclusive, makes a strong case for the absence of middle political ground, a place not possible for selfish individual action in the disappearing status quo.


The writing itself is simple and direct, unblinking in its treatment of how race, politics, family, tradition, sex, and intentionality can all be sources of victimization. - Dr Bill Knox, The Mirror & The Lamp


Stanley Nyamfukudza is a Zimbabwean writer and former publishing director at College Press.