The Odyssey of Shona Imaginative Narratives

A Collation and Collection of Published/Unpublished Articles and Addresses to Local and International Conferences, 1964 - 2016

George Kahari



The Odyssey of Shona Imaginative Narratives, is a collation and collection of published and previously unpublished articles and presentations to local and international conferences. It runs into 466 pages and covers the period 1964 to 2016. The title conveys the theme of the quantitative and qualitative development of the Shona novel from the orature of the pre-colonial non-experiential and non-empirical story-teller to the colonial experiential and empirical novelist with his new ideologies which came with modern dialectical materialism and its attendant modern materialistic industrialism.


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George Kahari is the former Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and emeritus professor at the University of Zimbabwe.