The Polygamist

Ndabaningi Sithole


This book is now out of print.


The Polygamist is the story of Menzi Dube an elder of the Ndebele tribe who is 'the sole and exclusive owner of a big village' and 'the proud and contented husband of seven attractive wives.' And while the wives enjoyed all the benefits of a rich and progressive husband, they are less than satisfied sexually. It is interesting work - easy to read, entertaining and at the same time providing insights into the contemporary African scene.


[Sithole's] novel reminds one of Camara Laye's The Dark Child. Both of these essentially autobiographical first novels reveal through austere prose some of the inner tensions, the ritual and the magic that still survived in African tribal life... - The New York Times


Ndabaningi Sithole was the founding president of ZANU, the party that Robert Mugabe now leads.