The Political Economy of Land in Zimbabwe

Henry Moyana



This book focuses on the centrality of the land question, in the study of modern Zimbabwean history. It reviews previously published studies, and introduces new material. The study covers: the genesis of the land segregation legislation in Rhodesia, The Land Apportionment Act, and the economic effects of the Act; land and mass nationalism between 1945 and 1965, the dispossession of the people in Gazaland and the Tangwena people by white settlers; the Lancaster House negotiations, and land reform in the post-independence period.


[Moyana's] book discusses the many theories of racism and segregation propounded by the defenders of the colonial regime, and the rationalisation for white rule and the economic exploitation of people and land.


Henry Moyana is a historian of the first generation of of radical black historians, has been a farmer and diplomat, and specialises in Zimbabwean, pan-African history.