The Politics of Language and Nation Building in Zimbabwe

Finex Ndhlovu



This book examines the exclusion of minority languages (and their speakers) from the mainstream domains of everyday social life in postcolonial Zimbabwe. It considers forces of hegemonic nation building, subtle cultural oppression and a desire for linguistic uniformity as major factors contributing to the social exclusion of Zimbabweans from language groups other than Shona and Ndebele. The book interprets the various forms of language-based exclusion exercised by Shona and Ndebele language speakers over minority groups as constituting a form of linguistic imperialism.


... essential reading for everyone interested in the consequences and prospects of language policies in Africa. - Professor Keith Allan, Monash University


Finex Ndhlovu is Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the University of New England, Australia. He has published a number of studies in the field of language and society studies.