The Rebel In Me

A ZANLA Guerrilla Commander in the Rhodesian Bush War, 1974 - 1980

Agrippah Mutambara



This is the true story of a young guerrilla commander brought up in a Christian family in Rhodesia, a former colony of Britain. Exposed to the excesses of a colonial regime where race and racism determined one’s status in society, and influenced by the radical anti-racial views of his parents and later of fellow students and work mates, his character began to change. A chance encounter with a captured guerrilla fighter helped complete the metamorphic transformation of his rebel character.


When it comes to Rhodesian war accounts, they all tend to be totally one-sided, and this is no exception. Interesting to see this (apparently rare?) firsthand account from the other side by an ex-guerrilla commander though he focusses heavily on the political aspects of ZANU ideology. - Amazon Review


Retired Brigadier General Agrippa Mutambara, a member of the Zimbabwe People First national executive, is a former war commander and ZANU PF member.