The Revolutionary Bishop

Who Saw God At Work In Africa: An Autobiography

Ralph Edward Dodge



Ralph E. Dodge, who started out his life as a shy Iowa country boy, could scarcely have dreamed that one day he would be a Methodist bishop in Africa, accused of being a revolutionary. But that is what happened when he decided, early in his missionary career, to treat his black brothers as equals. This frame of mind inevitably brought him face-to-face with the jittery white supremacy of the Ian Smith government in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In this book, Bishop Dodge recalls his experiences with family, friends, fellow missionaries, and black nationals which helped to mold his character and enabled him to be salt and light to the world where he felt God calling him.


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Ralph E. Dodge was an outspoken advocate for racial justice in Africa and the last white bishop of the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) during that country's colonial era. Born in 1907, he died in 2008.