The Rise of Settler Power in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), 1898-1923

James A. Chamunorwa Mutambirwa


The book is out of print.


Describes the origins of Rhodesia's modern history from the African point of view. This account of the events that unfolded between 1898 and 1923 in Southern Africa refutes what the author terms the Europocentric interpretation.


This book grew out of doctoral research apparently carried out in the late 1960s when the author was the Zimbabwe African National Union's representative in North America. Novelty is claimed on the basis that this is the first African account of the period, but there is little that differentiates it either factually or conceptually from much of the work published in the decade before U.D.I. - Richard Brown, The Journal of African History


James A. Chamunorwa Mutambirwa is a Zimbabwean historian and his early work chronicled the long history of colonial suppression in Rhodesia.