The Search for Zimbabwean Identity

An Introduction to the Black Zimbabwean Novel

George Kahari


The book is out of print.


In this book Kahari examines those Zimbabwean novelists who have chosen English as their medium. Although they were writing in their second language, these novelists incorporated into their work traditional Shona devices, fusing the techniques of oral narrative into alien form of the western novel. Kahari shows how these novelists used English to demonstrate the coherence and vitality of Shona culture.


This work is much more than a mere introduction. It is a very penetrating, perceptive and precise analysis of everything of literary, historical and social value in the Black Zimbabwean novel to date. - K. G. Mkanganwi, University of Zimbabwe


George Kahari is the former Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and emeritus professor at the University of Zimbabwe.