The Spirit of Nehanda

A Rhodesian Game Ranger's War Story

Ron Thomson


  • Unknown publisher
  • Unknown city
  • 2014
  • English
  • eBook
  • 597 pages

Book is only available as an ebook.


Nehanda is a story about three people: a black Mashona boy, a half-Chinese/half Mashona girl, and a white Rhodesian boy, all of the same age. The white boy's father owned the farm on which they all grew up. The three friends developed a close-knit threesome during their teenage years. The black boy taught the white boy about the traditions of his people and how to speak his Mzezuru language. The white boy taught the black boy how to shoot with his .22 rifle, and he taught him and the girl how to speak English. The black boy and the girl became lovers when they were fourteen years old and by the time they were all seventeen the girl had seduced the white boy, too. Throughout her life she held a special place in her heart for her handsome, white teenage lover.The friendship broke up, through force of circumstance, when they all left school.


For me this was an engrossing story which reverberated with the reality of a life I once lived. I grew up in Marandellas, I was member in charge of Mount Darwin police station during the 'Rhodesian Bush War'. I still live in Zimbabwe. Congratulations to Ron Thomson on an excellent book. - Amazon


Ron Thomson is a university trained ecologist and, for twenty years, was a Chartered Biologist for the European Union. He writes books and articles explaining the principles and practices of wildlife management (a.k.a. nature conservation).