The Struggle for Zimbabwe

The Chimurenga War

David Martin & Phyllis Johnson


The book is out of print.


With its wealth of documented information on the internal workings of the Zimbabwean guerrilla movements, the somewhat staccato historical narrative by Martin and Johnson, two long-time Africa correspondents, will fascinate and enlighten Zimbabwe-watchers. Particularly compelling is their account of the gradual ascendance of Robert Mugabe within ZANU's complex dual structures of military and civilian leadership.


[The book] is remarkable for its exhaustive and scholarly unwinding of the often tortuous path leading from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, yet it covers this complex ninety-year history with a light touch and a sense of emerging drama without missing a step. - Leonard Suransky, A Journal of Opinion


David Martin was a writer and photographer, and later in life, a publisher. He was a rigorous researcher and investigative journalist.

Phyllis Johnson is the SARDC founding director and former publisher at Zimbabwe Publishing House.