The Trek & Other Stories

Lawrence Hoba



Much has been said over the last decade about the forcible eviction of the white farmers in Zimbabwe, less about the plight of the farm-workers, while the voice of the new settlers, and militia manipulated for a cause, has remained virtually unheard. This short but powerful anthology, The Trek and Other Stories, provides sensitive and illuminating, wry and comic perspectives on those people who occupied the land believing their future was golden, only for it to crumble in front of their faces.


Academic analysis of the land reform programme in Zimbabwe abounds, as do memoirs by the farmers affected by the reform. This collection is one of the first to provide a fictional – non-didactic – window through which readers experience this contested period from the perspective of small farmers. - Lisa María Burgess, Harare News


Lawrence Hoba was born in 1983 in Masvingo. He is studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Zimbabwe.