The Trial of Robert Mugabe

Chielo Zona Eze


Because of the nature of the book, it is not easily available in Zimbabwe.


Unable to recall when exactly he died, Robert Mugabe is shocked to be in the presence of God for trial. Facing him are countless people who died during his regime. They tell their stories, after which God condemns him to hell. Mugabe suddenly wakes up, in Harare, realizing he just had a dreadful dream. Set in the afterlife, The Trial of Robert Mugabe tells the Zimbabwean story from the perspectives of two iconic Zimbabwean writers, Yvonne Vera and Dambudzo Marechera, present at the trial.


This important book draws deep from the well of African literature to challenge a post-independence leadership whose discourse of victimhood has been used to legitimate the most appalling brutalities. A skillfully-crafted novel and a deep philosophical analysis of postcolonial fever. - Prof. Meg Samuelson, Stellenbosch University


Chinelo Zona Eze is a Nigerian writer, philosopher and scholar. Associate professor of Anglophone and Postcolonial and African Literature at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.