There is No Cholera in Zimbabwe

Jonathan Marcantoni & Zachary M. Oliver



Joining eighteen authors from six continents, There is No Cholera in Zimbabwe captures the silent struggles of the nameless, the oppressed, the marginalized, bringing you the stories the media neglects. Whether it be native tribes in Chile fighting for equal rights, sex slavery in Florida, violence against women in Zambia and Puerto Rico, environmental destruction in Iceland, political corruption in Mexico, or a dictator punishing his opposition by creating a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, these courageous journalists have placed a mirror up to the world to find the common thread of struggle against injustice that binds together the human spirit.


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Jonathan Marcantoni is a Puerto Rican nationalist author whose writings focus on the effects of the diaspora and the ongoing corruption and inequality on the island.

Zachary M. Oliver is Vice President of Academic Affairs at Argosy University in Hawaii, and also chief executive at Aignos Publishing.