Time is not the Measure

A Memoir

Vusi Mavimbela



Vusi Mavimbela is one of South Africa's foremost political adventurers and wanderers. His memoir Time is Not the Measure provides penetrating pen portraits of many South African and African political actors and a galaxy of senior ANC exiles. He illuminates the personalities of many influential people in South Africa's early democratic governments. But the heart of Mavimbela's narrative lies in his unique experience of working as a top administrator and counsellor in the offices of both Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma. He describes the conflict between those two flawed principals and captures the drama of their struggle and its destructive fallout for the new South African state. Mavimbela offers a potent warning: loyalty and long service to a political party is no guarantee of wise and effective leadership.


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Vusi Mavimbela is former South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe. He is the author of an anthology of poems.