Tiny Rowland

A Rebel Tycoon

Tom Bower



This is an account of the life and career of the entrepreneur, Tiny Rowland, the head of Lonrho and the owner of The Observer. It is a story of empire-building, unresolved mystery, commercial skulduggery, financial acumen, and confrontations with a succession of governments in Europe, America and Africa. The book reflects not only the fortunes of an individualist, but the ambitions, machinations and limitations of an array of power-brokers in the City, Whitehall, Wall Street and elsewhere in the world.


[Bower's] book delves deeply into Rowland's life and career to reveal a buccaneering, charming entrepreneur who lives by his wits and is not averse to making payments to the odd African politician. - Jason Nisse, The Independent


Thomas Michael (Tom) Bower is a British writer, noted for his investigative journalism and for his unauthorised biographies, often of business tycoons and newspaper proprietors.