Tomorrow is Built Today

Experiences of War, Colonialism and the Struggle for Collective Co-operatives in Zimbabwe

Andrew Nyathi


  • Anvil Press
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • 1990
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 137 pages


This is the autobiography of a youth from rural Zimbabwe who become a worker, a trade union organizer, a student and then a guerrilla commander. As ZIPRA fighters, Andrew Nyathi and his comrades paint a vivid, authentic picture of the war in one important region of Zimbabwe. The story speaks honestly of the pain and frustration of guerrillas isolated for nearly two years in assembly points while politicians and British advisers decided their future and the future of the country they had liberated.


This is a story of struggle and survival. It is an extraordinary chronicle of courage, sacrifice, disappointment and finally, success. It is both lessons and inspiration for those who wish to see a new, productive and truly democratic Africa.


Andrew Nyathi was part of the Zimbabwe liberation struggle.