In His Own Words

Josiah Tongogara


While General Tongo’s exploits during the war may have been documented in history books and other manuscripts, a recent publication, Tongogara In His Own Words, gives a clearer picture of the ideals he believed in. The first four chapters were written by Tongogara himself during breaks of the Lancaster House negotiations of 1979 with the help of his friend, the late David Martin. The fifth chapter was an interview by Zimbabwe News published in the second half of 1978. Therefore this chapter also came from the man himself.


Reading this book, one gets a glimpse of the liberator, the struggles that he, alongside other Africans, encountered growing up under colonial rule and the reasons that drove him to take part in the struggle for independence. - The Sunday Mail


Josiah Magama Tongogara was a commander of the ZANLA guerrilla army in Rhodesia. He died in a suspicious car accident on his way to independent Zimbabwe from Mozambique.