Towards a True Christian Manliness

A History of the Boys' Brigade in Zimbabwe

Colin Swinton



The Boys' Brigade arrived in Southern Rhodesia in 1948, with initial efforts being very localised. Momentum increased with the influx of post war immigrants from Britain and South Africa. By the early 1970s The Boys' Brigade Rhodesia was at its strongest numerically, but the civil war years preceding independence in 1980, decimated the organisation in the rural areas, especially in Victoria province where it was at its strongest. The following years were particularly hard for The Boys' Brigade but, by the late 1980s, membership was on the increase again.


The achievements of The Boys' Brigade [in Zimbabwe] are recorded in this book, which has been meticulously researched, in consultation with many past and present members.


Colin Swinton grew up in the Boy's Brigade and eventually had a leadership position in the organisation.